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Ways to Use Promotional Flags to Market Your Business


promotional flags

Owning a business involves not only activities of actually selling your products or services – you also need to handle tasks related to advertising your business, including the design, production and placement of your marketing materials. While online marketing is gaining more and more ground, more traditional methods, such as using promotional flags, are still very efficient – here are some tips to use your flags really efficiently:

  • Display promotional flags in front of your business as well as up and down the street – informing your customers that there is a promotion happening before they even reach your shop is very important;
  • Use your flags inside your shop as well – providing information about your promotion to the customers who are already in your shop is just as important as pulling customers from the street;
  • Use a custom shape for your flag design – flags that feature some unusual design component, such as a custom shape, attract attention more efficiently. You can use flags that follow the shape of your business logo or some other shape that can be linked to your promotion;
  • Use the right amount of information – try not to overcrowd your flag. Include important information related to your promotion, such as the percentage of the discount you offer and basic business information, that should be enough.