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Most likely, the event that you’ve been getting ready for has been postponed. Obviously, we wish this wasn’t the case. but look on the bright side! It gives you more time to make an incredible impression when the time comes. Standing out in a crowd can be a game-changer for your business. Lucky for us, we get to provide our clients with industry leading products and designs to do so.

Over 30 years ago. our scissor-action pop-up canopy changed the branding. We have been a top innovator in this field ever since. Our variety of options helps clients find the perfect branding set-up, no matter the need or budget. You can choose from 24 different canopy & tent designs, 20 various branding tools, 15 different types of graphic applications and an assortment of accessories, we have something to fit everyone’s branding needs.

Here’s why our Majestic Pop-Up canopies are our top sellers.:

•They provide great versatility & excellent visual appeal

•There is no assembly required! 2 people can set it up in 30 seconds without loose parts or ropes

•They are great for both indoor & outdoor use.

•Chose from 5 different sizes-The 100, The 100 High Peak,  The 150, The 200, & The 400

•They’re lightweight & strong

•They are water-resistant, fire-retardant, and UV-protected

•You can choose from 17 different colors or have the top custom printed with your graphics

 •You get a free wheel bag & ground spikes with the canopy.

See the Majestic 100 in action here!

The Majestic has unlimited graphic possibility & with a life-time warranty on the commercial-grade aluminum frame, it could be the perfect match for your branding needs. If you are ready to start the process of investing in a KD Kanopy, request a quote here!