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When Marketing Makes You Laugh!


 March is coming to an end this weekend. Wow! Already. Yes, it’s time to get your canopy & your company ready for outdoor marketing. But before we dive into the bulk of the spring and then into summer, it’s time to have some fun. April Fool’s Day is on Sunday (Easter too) and who doesn’t love a good, no-harm prank? It’s always fun to see the light-hearted side of any company, no matter the product. Last year was no exception on the laughing front as dozens of companies made us laugh with funny, smart & engaging pranks for their audience. Some are done so well that they actually seem real. Here’s a few of those:

 BMW Unicorn 

Automobile companies are usually on the list of companies who have insanely fun ideas for April Fool’s Day. They seem to enjoy this holiday as much as the holidays we round the year out with. Last year, BMW, the German car maker, advertised a collection of parts that bring out the unicorn lover in all of us. Their collection included rainbow headlights, special side mirrors and of course, a unicorn horn for the hood. Luckily, no unicorns were harmed in the making of this unique collection & you can only get them if you have a white BMW.

The T-Mobile ONEsie

And you thought smartwatches were cool. Last year, T-Mobile revealed a cutting-edge idea for an all in one fitness tracker, the T-Mobile ONEsie. This fashion forward outfit not only tracks your fitness levels but also your vital signs, sleep, the number of steps you take, your breathing, your movement and your body position.  Not only does the ONEsie do all of this but it also gives you full-bars coverage wherever you are. So, not only do you get a cool outfit, but you’re also a walking fitness-tracker & walking hot spot. Pretty creative if you ask us!

Google Strikes Again

Every year, we can all count on Google for a good prank.  Last year, Google Maps brought back an updated prank they pulled in 2015: Pac Man. This time, the prank hit the app, not the desktop version. If you knew about the prank, it is highly likely that your productivity came to a screeching halt for at least a little while that day. The prank enabled you to  easily open up Pac Man on your Google Maps app and play it like you would any other game. The best part? You could play Pac Man on real streets!