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Who Knew Charity Could Be So Fun? Golf Tournament Recap


Our 4th Annual Golf Tournament was last Friday and it took us an entire week to write up our recap because it was just that fun. Our 52 players had plenty of food, drink and festivities to partake in all morning and afternoon (like a Bloody Mary Bar for a little early morning pick me up).

Arrowhead Golf Club in Littleton, CO

Aside from the cocktail sipping, ball slicing good time, Jump Beverage was on hand to give out free samples of their new energy drink to keep our players well hydrated. After all, nobody makes a hole in one or a 50’ putt drinking water (or a Bloody Mary) alone.

Unfortunately, no drink was enough to make that hole in one shot for $50,000 sponsored by Cirbo & Associates or the 50’ putt for $2,500 sponsored by Jump Beverage. We did, however, get to giveaway a Cleveland Putter, Drive and Wedge courtesy of our awesome sponsors.

The Ed Bozarth Team

The really good news is not a single golf cart was sacrificed for the event, we got to give away over $2,000 in raffle prizes and donations from our awesome sponsors and, the BIG number: we raised over $6,000 for Friends of Kids in Crisis. The big winner of our tournament (besides, of course, Friends of Kids in Crisis), was the Ed Bozarth Team, who scored 57 in the four player scramble.

We’d like to give a giant shout out to every single sponsor who made Friday happen: Plains End LLC, Mike Donnelly, Tom Jennings, Ed Bozarth, Cirbo & Associates, Jump Beverage, Adams Polish, Puma, Melting Pot, D’Lance Golf, WRIF Radio, KBCO, Choonimals, Golfsmith and Royal Liquor, Creedmoor Sports, Cleveland Golf and Cirbo & Associates.

We literally could not have done it without you guys. No, seriously. Thanks to everybody who came out, everybody who sponsored the tournament and everybody who was so gracious as to donate to our silent auction. We’ll see you again for next year’s tournament!