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Why you should do an FAQ (and a peek at some of ours!)


Just about every website we visit, especially those aimed at a business, have an FAQ section, but are they necessary? Yes, and here’s why.

Obviously, they address frequently asked questions about your services, but there are several other functions of this section on a website, check them out below!

EARN TRUST. Show off your expertise on your product, explain how your business works & what your business model looks like.

 RELIEVE THE BURDEN on your customer support team by answering people’s questions out in the open.

 MAKE IT EASIER for people to navigate through your website.


 GET RID of anxieties customers may have that your product page doesn’t address directly.

 MAKE YOUR CUSTOMERS HAPPY by answering their questions in a creative & fun way.

 An FAQ section done right is full of advantages (for you & your customers). It may take extra time to create but that really is the only drawback. Here’s a small look at part of our FAQ page, you can go here to see the rest of them!