Parks & Recreation

No matter what kind of outdoor event your park or recreation center is hosting, KD Kanopy can help you with customized shelter and signage.

Parks are for congregating and where there are people, there are activities. Promote your park or event with one of KD Kanopy's commercial-grade pop-ups (they go up in seconds) or for more elaborate happenings like concerts, film screenings, or dramatic performances, our StarStage will fill the bill. If you're hosting outdoor nature talks or similar educational gatherings, the StarShade and StarTwin are easy to set up, come in different sizes, and can serve as temporary covered seating for groups of varying size. For special events, line the edges of your park with colorful bow banners or teardrop banners to really attract attention and bring people in.

All of our canopies and signs are made from the strongest and most durable materials so they are able to take abuse and will last over many seasons. If a part breaks through normal wear and tear, the situation is easily remedied with our in-house inventory of replacement parts. Promote your event or brand your park with our heat-sealed screen printing or full-coverage digital printing.