Teardrop Flags & Banners

Easy set-up and take down with the Teardrop Banner Flag

These flags are designed specifically for our premium fiberglass/graphite composite poles. The flag and pole are designed to maintain the flag shape to allow for visibility of your print/message even in windless conditions. Our ground spikes, bases and mounts make these flags a perfect solution for any location that requires easy set-up and take down.

Commonly Asked Questions

What are Teardrop Flags?

Teardrop flags are also commonly known as teardrop banners or teardrop feather flags. Teardrop flags are large teardrop-shaped flags with any custom design printed on them, which is achieved through a dye sublimation process. The flags are bound to a lightweight aluminum and fiberglass flagpole, which can be inserted into the ground or placed atop a flag stand. This flagpole’s flexible design helps to keep the teardrop flag tight against it, both with and without wind.

KD Kanopy creates custom teardrop flags to represent your brand or event. We are able to create custom flags with double-sided printing to make your very own personalized banners come to life. Teardrop flag banners in front of your store or business will help catch the eye of potential customers and other passersby. Promote your business effectively with these teardrop flag banners.

When Should I Use a Teardrop Flag?

A custom teardrop flag is perfect for both indoor and outdoor promotional events. They are commonly placed in front of a business or store as advertising flags, but can also be used at trade shows, conventions, fairs, and more to help draw attention to your booth.

Our professional designers work with you to pick the perfect flag material, flag size, base, color, logo sizing, and more. You can even add text to your design. We have any teardrop flag templates to start or you can create completely custom teardrop designs! After you approve the final design, we will print and ship your teardrop flag to you!

What is the Difference Between Single-Sided and Double-Sided Flags?

A double-sided flag is the most visible and efficient type of teardrop flag, allowing you to print your design (or designs) on both sides. These types of custom teardrop feather flags have a liner in the middle that stops each side from being visible on the other side. They give the most vibrant and apparent designs from any direction, which is why we recommend double-sided printing for all of your teardrop flags.

The single-sided teardrop flags are printed on only one side. This design is “print through,” which means your design will be slightly visible from the backside as a mirrored image. This type of custom flag is not as effective but is less expensive.

What are the Different Types of Bases?

Cross Base:

Cross bases are four-legged and foldable, making them a good choice for both indoor use and flags that need to be transported. The cross base leg length can vary depending on need.

Square Base:

A square-shaped base for your teardrop flag can be used indoors and outdoors with high foot traffic and moderately windy conditions.

Ground Stake

At 25″ long, this metal spike is perfect for putting flags in the ground outdoors on solid soil. It is also the most stable option for outdoor use.

Teardrop Flags & Banners

Banner Dimensions:
Small | 6’7″x2’1″
Medium | 9’3″x2’3″
Large | 13’4″x2’8″
Overall Dimensions (Including Stand):
Small | 7’7″x2’1″
Medium | 10’3″x2’3″
Large | 14’4″x2’8″

Shipping Weights & Sizes
Material, Poles & Bag: 10 lbs. — 60″x12″x3″ shipping box
Ground Spike: 5 lbs. — 30″x4″x4″ shipping box
Mount: 5 lbs. — 8″x5″x2″ shipping box
Spider Base: 8 lbs. — 26″x4″x4″ shipping box

Items Included in package

  • (1) Fabric Flag
    • Single sided flags are a 110 g knitted polyester
    • Double sided flags are a 100 Denier Polyester
  • (1) Set of Fiber Glass Poles

Download Spec Sheet

90-day manufacturer’s defect warranty


  • High strength fiber glass poles
  • Minimum Assembly
  • Set up in 30 seconds
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Free carry bag


Dye Sublimation: Full color transfer that is ideal for indoor shows and the material is washable.

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