Portable Canopy & Tent

No. Technically they are not waterproof, but our fabrics are water-resistant. Water-resistant fabric is coated with a finish that is resistant but not impervious to water penetration. Rainwater will often bead up on water-resistant fabric, forming drops on the surface. Water-resistant fabrics will provide protection from limited precipitation, but may not stand up to heavy rain or sudden downpours. For this reason, we suggest you take your canopy down if it looks like it’s going to storm. If you choose not to take your canopy down, please do not leave it unattended or let any water collect on the top. If allowed to pool, the weight of the water could cause damage to your fabric as well as the frame.

Yes. Both our StarShade tents and our pop-up canopies have optional side panels available for purchase in the same colors as our canopy tops. Side panels can also be screen printed or digitally printed. Please ask a sales associate for more information.

Please refer to the web page for the specific model and size canopy that you are interested in and click on the gray “Specifications” tab where the shipping weights and sizes are listed.

Our canopies are stronger, lighter and more durable than most of our competitors’ pop-up canopies. Plus, we are the first manufacturer of aluminum, scissor-action frame units. KD Kanopy graphic tents are all manufactured, digitally printed or silk screened in-house. This gives us the advantage of better quality control, which results in higher customer satisfaction.

We offer three different frame choices.

Our Partyshade and Barn-Top and Barrel-Top canopies all use an industrial-strength powder-coated steel frame with a five-year warranty. The partyshade is available in 5’x5′, 8’x8′, and 10’x10′ sizes. The barn and barrel canopies are available only in the 10’x10′ size.

Our heavy-duty XTF frames are made from anodized aluminum and are one of the toughest on the market — 33% stronger than other aluminum frames — yet are competitively priced with other aluminum frames. They use 40mm industrial-strength hex-shaped legs with nylon-resin composite fittings. Set-up and height adjustments are facilitated with simple pull-ring snap locks. The XTF frame is available in 10’x10′, 10’x15′, and 10’x20′ sizes.

Our Majestic canopy uses a commercial-grade aluminum frame with a lifetime warranty. The majestic frame is available in 10’x10′, 10’x15′, and 10’x20′ sizes.

Both our aluminum and steel frames come fully assembled in one unit that can be set up quickly and easily without any tools. All use our patented Dynidiom joint fittings for strength, stability, and smooth operation for easy set-up and tear-down without any binding. Each model has adjustable height legs and comes with a carry bag and ground spikes.

The warranty varies depending on the product. Go to the page for your specific canopy model and click on the “Features” tab to see the warranty period for that product.

All KD fabric items are made of durable, high-tenacity polyester Oxford fabric which is fire-retardant and water resistant.

Most canopy manufacturers have multiple lines of canopies that they sell. These canopies range from disposable units (like those that can be purchased at warehouse clubs for as low as $120.00), to the commercial lines of canopies similar to those manufactured and sold by KD Kanopy. There are major differences between these canopy lines. Please take a look at our product comparision sheet to see how the commercial lines of KD Kanopy compare to our competitors commercial canopy lines.

Service & Repair

If you are having problems with your product, we highly recommend you contact our repair department, and speak to a customer service representative prior to sending anything back. Before sending your frame back for repair, go to the web page for your specific canopy model and click on the “Replacement Parts” tab. All parts of the frame are easily replaceable allowing you to complete most frame repairs yourself, saving time and money. Small tears or rips in your fabric can be patched with a self-adhesive clear patch, available through our parts department.

For items being returned for evaluation and/or repair, a return authorization number is required. Contact us at 800-432-4435 or via email at Write your return authorization number in bold black print on the outside of the box and ship it to the following address.

KD Kanopy, Inc.
Attn: Repairs
1921 E. 68th Avenue
Denver, Colorado 80229

Care & Maintenance

Proper cleaning and storage of your tent will help prolong its life. Before storing your tent, place the top on the frame at the lowest setting and inspect it. Look for any damage, pulled seams, holes or mildew.

Once you have inspected your canopy, clean all dust and dirt marks with a sponge or soft brush, mild soap, and warm water. Do not brush graphics. Rinse with a clean wet sponge. Allow the tent to dry thoroughly before folding and storing.

We do not recommend putting your KD Kanopy in the washing machine or having it power washed or dry cleaned.

Printing Process

The best choice depends upon the situation. Both printing methods can produce beautiful, dramatic graphics and each has it’s own advantages and disadvantages.

Design & Graphics

Yes. Contact your sales representative for more details.


Once we receive a signed layout and a form of payment, your order goes into production immediately. If you require further information on the status of your order, contact your sales representative.