Restaurants & Bars

Portable canopies for festivals and other needs—attention getting banners—Get it all from KD Kanopy!

Looking for a cost-effective way to provide shade for an outdoor bar or patio? Need overhead protection for a waiting line? Catering a special event? Want a protected outdoor smoking area? No matter what your requirement, KD Kanopy can extend your business beyond the confines of your establishment. We have the ideal system to fit your need and budget. KD can emblazon that system with your logo information so your canopy or tent will do double-duty as protection from the elements and as an advertising medium. Ease of set-up, take-down, and storage make KD’s canopies, tents and banners an obvious choice. Day in and day out, our systems are built to last. In short order, they more than pay for themselves in delivering new customers and protecting your product, people or clients from the elements.

Come to KD and put your business or event under our canopy. No matter how big or small your coverage area, KD Kanopy has the system that will define your space and display your message.