Care & Maintenance

Following these simple guidelines will ensure many years of continuous usage.

Your KD Kanopy was designed for years of use and enjoyment. To ensure you get the most out of your canopy, please follow the simple rules of care and maintenance described in the table below.
Should your canopy be damaged for whatever reason, do not discard it. We sell replacement parts for every component of the frame. Even if your canopy frame appears to be beyond repair, usually you can easily restore the it to working order with only a 3/16″ allen wrench and the correct replacement parts.

To find replacement parts for your product, go to our web page for your specific product and click on “Replacement Parts”.

  • Think ahead. Don’t wait until the day of your event to set up your canopy for the first time. Leave yourself plenty of time to read the instructions completely and follow each step carefully. Once you have become familiar with setting up your canopy or tent, it will be a quick, simple process.
  • When you first receive your KD Kanopy, please open and set it up. Check to make sure all parts are included.
  • When setting your canopy up, if you notice any damage to frame, top, or accessories, please call our customer service department at 1-800-432-4435. DO NOT USE YOUR CANOPY IF IT IS DAMAGED.
  • We recommend using no more than two people when setting up your KD Kanopy. More is not always better. Please read the set-up instructions completely before setting up your canopy.
  • Whether setting up your frame for the first use or the 50th use, if you encounter resistance, do not force the frame to lock into place. This will cause excessive pressure on the scissor bars, and may result in permanent damage. Your canopy is designed to set up with ease, using only two people.
  • Please follow the take-down instructions included with your canopy.
  • Do not store your KD Kanopy with the top still on the frame. This can cause damage to the fabric that may require repair or replacement.
  • Always make sure the canopy fabric is completely dry and clean before storing. Packing and storing your canopy when it is wet or damp may cause mold and mildew to develop on the fabric.
  • Store your canopy in the bags provided in a dry, rodent-free area until the next use.
  • Inspect your canopy thoroughly each time you set it up. Look for small tears, stains, or wear marks on the fabric. Inspect the frame for loose or missing bolts, bent or broken scissor bars, or any kind of structural damage.
  • You should always stake your canopy down with the spikes provided. If using your canopy on pavement, you can purchase easy-to-use weight bags that fill with sand or water and wrap around each leg of your canopy.
  • Never leave your canopy set up and unattended for extended periods of time. Our pop-up canopies are designed to be used as temporary structures only.
  • Our canopies are water-resistant, however since the tops are sewn, they cannot be considered waterproof. We highly recommend that you take down your canopy during inclement weather. Water pooling on the fabric can lead to damage which is not covered under the warranty.