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3 Ways Football Season Can Help Your Small Business Win Big


It’s that time of year again, football season is back! It’s refreshing when the temperatures drop and it’s time for your team to be back on the field. Last year was full of magic as our hometown team won the Super Bowl. We are proud to be such a big part of the Denver Broncos marketing team. Keep an eye out for our KD kanopies next time you are at a game or enjoying some tailgating. We have our fingers crossed that the Broncos have another great season. Make sure your small business has another great season too with these game changing tips. Football season is a great excuse to amp up your marketing and here are 3 ways to do it this fall.

Create a Football Theme

The country will be buzzing about football during the next few months and if you can figure out a way to incorporate football into your product(s), it will go a long way, Hail Mary long. This can be tricky, just keep it simple. Any type of football connection will work. Perhaps you offer a discount for anyone who comes in wearing your local football team gear or create a sale based on the final score of the weekly game. Of course, this can work from high school football all the way to NFL football. Here are some fun promotions you can run this season.

Be in the Conversations

Like we said, football talk will be all over the internet, in the coffee shop, at school and at work. It can be fun to connect with your customers by adding some of that news into your content. This is a great way to be active on social media this fall. Pay attention to hashtags that are trending, this will help you streamline your topics or grab your customer’s attention with some fun football commentary of your own. Make sure your small business is part of the large number of small businesses who are using social media, an affordable marketing tool and click here to find out why it’s so important.

Show Your Support

No matter the type of business, this works well. Perhaps you pick one day a week when all of your employees can skip their normal attire and dress in your team gear. It is also fun to host a football watch party for your employees. Have them show their support by wearing team colors and snap some pictures of everyone enjoying their time together. Post these to your social media accounts to connect with your customers and hopefully, bring in some new ones. Looking for some football watch party planning tips? Here  ya go!