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Craft beer is taking over local towns and taps and there is no slowdown in sight for these small and independent businesses. The brewery world is a fun one, full of tasters, pints and growlers, beer gardens, tours and socializing. Towns across America are filling up with breweries and marketing these breweries really matters. Today we share with you 3 ways to do it better.

Tell Your Story

Start here before you worry too much about which websites you will be advertising on or what your social media strategy will be. People love to know the story behind the beer they’re drinking before they buy the t-shirt of the beer they already drank. Your background, your story, your legacy will help you stand out from the crowd. Most likely, you are starting a brewery for a reason. Share those reasons and latch on to your customers. Our clients at Oskar Blues Brewery in Longmont, CO have a great story about how their business has been created and shaped over the years.

Use social media

This may seem like the obvious one and that’s because it is. Social media is as popular as craft breweries and if you’re not connected, you’re going to lose out. Social media gets people talking and if your social media strategy is creative enough, people will be talking about you. Plus, social media allows you to share posts, maybe you decide to have a contest for a gift card or you can hold events like a run club. Sharing these posts allow for them to be seen by more people, more people equals more business. You can also use hashtags, post your tap list to Facebook every day and get people to tag pictures of your beer on Instagram. Here’s 10 beer brands that are rockin the social media scene.

 Be Present Outside of the Brewery

The more your community sees your brand outside of the brewery, the more likely they are to venture to your brewery for a beer. Maybe you could partner with a food truck during a local festival. Beer and food go hand-in-hand so why not help each other out? Or you could sponsor a local sports team. We recommend sticking with the adult sports teams like softball, soccer or basketball. This is a great way to promote your brewery and you can extend it by having them over for a beer after the game.

Being creative with your marketing can make all the difference in such a crowded field. Here’s some more ideas about how to promote your brewery , these ones are free!