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Back to Business: We’ve Got You Covered with Digital Printing


Now that our tour of tradeshows has ended for the summer, it’s time for KD Kanopy to get down to business. No more weekends in Las Vegas or Chicago for us. Luckily, we love our work, so we’re happy traveling the country or simply just kicking it at the office. We’ll be back on the road in September for some more tradeshow fun, but until then, we’re all business!

How did we get to love our work so much? Probably because we love the products and services we offer. We want you to put us to work. Did you know we offer full coverage digital printing on our lightweight fabric? That means every square inch of your fabric can be covered with different logos in different colors, photos, or whatever else you want. So go ahead: go the extra mile and get your tent covered with your logo and pictures – we’re ready to do the work!

Want a tent for your little league team with shots of the team in action covering it? We’ve got you covered (literally…it’s a tent!). If you’re hitting up the tradeshow circuit yourself, maybe you need a new tent to show off your logo and website? We can handle that.

Go ahead; stand out and get noticed with your own custom tent from KD Kanopy.