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There’s nothing better than having a happy client, except maybe getting the chance to help real life heroes. Combine those two and the combination is worth celebrating. On this Testimonial Thursday, we are featuring our brave & dedicated clients from the Chula Vista Fire Department

“We ABSOLUTELY LOVE the items we ordered.  Had the chance to show them off at several of our Fire Station Open Houses for potential new hires/applicants. Our display ROCKED!!!”

Just as they mentioned, Chula Vista Fire Department uses their tent and banner at events where they are sure to gain new employees. This is the perfect type of an event for a custom tent. It is sure to grab the attention of passerby’s. In this case, there is no way you won’t stop by to check out what this fire department has in store for their hard working employees.

Their custom KD tent & banner are the perfect addition to their crew. With their logo printed boldy on the top of their canopy, along with their hashtag, #JoinCVFD, they are easy to spot at local career expos and open houses. Are you looking for a canopy for your business? Check out our website for some exciting options.

Just like a lot of other businesses, maybe even yours, the Chula Vista Fire Department started small and grew into something much bigger. They are a dependable, professional, trained group of over 140 men and women who serve their community daily. Over the span of a year, they respond to 19,000 calls in their 52 square mile area. The 256,000 people in their community are lucky to have them.

Obviously, providing emergency medical response and firefighting services to their area is what they do best. Their Training Division provides the best of the best when it comes to training services to ensure that their team can deliver in time of need. The Training Division provides training not only to the department but personnel from other parts of the region. They also provide technical rescue training to their department and other first responders throughout the country.  

We at KD Kanopy are beyond proud to help serve these heroes the best way we can. We look forward to hearing more about their successes and we know their hard work, dedication, and care of their community will help them get there.