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Colorado Companies to Watch: KD Kanopy Pops Up as a Winner!


It is with great honor that we have been named a Colorado Company to Watch. For the last 30 years, we at KD Kanopy, have been helping companies, businesses & teams get noticed through our unique & innovative marketing tools. It feels amazing to get noticed back. The president of our company, Matt Kayser, agrees and adds that “to actually get recognized as one of the 50 Colorado Companies to Watch winners is a direct result of all the wonderful, loyal & hardworking employees that KD Kanopy is lucky to have on staff”.

Over the last 8 years, Colorado Companies to Watch has awarded 4,000 growing companies in the beautiful state of Colorado. These companies “fuel the economic fire” through innovative methods. There is nothing better than this type of recognition to bring more energy to the entrepreneurial stage of Colorado.

The application and selection process for this award shows us all that CCM is passionate about finding companies that may otherwise “fly under the radar”. It is a year-long program and by the end of it, we get to celebrate this accomplishment with a wonderful gala dinner alongside our fellow winners & supporters.

We cannot thank CMC enough for this spectacular acknowledgment. Fireworks are flying in our hearts, right in time for the 4th of July. Of course, an award like this would not be noted without the incredible team that we have at KD Kanopy. Thank you to everyone who is behind & in front of the scenes that help make our company what it is. And last but definitely not least, thank you to our stand out clients who trust us to help them create a way to be noticed. We appreciate your support & are looking forward to a strong future with you!