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Common Questions Asked of Trade Show Vendors


Most exhibitors fail to effectively communicate the true value of the marketing effort. Only 35% of marketers follow the percentage of leads from trade shows that generate actual sales and less than half of exhibitors are concerned with calculating the return on investment from participating in fairs.

Here are a few common questions asked of trade show vendors to measure the value of their participation.

What will be the estimated revenue?

You can approximate the value of attending a trade show by using usual internal estimates, based on the experience of the sales department. Basically, you need the following information: number of sales opportunities, conversion rate (average percentage of sales opportunities), and average value of a sale / contract.

Number of sales opportunities x Conversion rate x Average value of a one-time sale or contract = Estimated revenue

step and repeat banner

What will be the promotional impact of participating to the trade show?

To calculate this type of impact generated during a trade show, make a list of your promotional activities that are seen or heard by the public. In general, these activities can be separated into four categories: 1) direct marketing; 2) media coverage; 3)onsite promotional items; 4) your stand with flat wall step and repeat banner and other customized flags and tenting.

How do I determine the ROI?

Once you’re done calculating your estimated income and promotional impact value for your participation, add these numbers to determine your estimated return on investment.