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Customer Service at KD Kanopy


What does it mean to be a KD Kanopy customer? Exceptional customer service, quality products and all at an affordable price! We take our customer service seriously and it shows. Without good client/vendor relationships, we would not be thriving the way we are.

That’s why when a review comes in like this one from McCall Party Rentals, we know we are accomplishing our goals and standing by our promises.

“Thank you for creating such a wonderful product. I absolutely love KD canopy. I explain the quality and performance to other vendors all the time. If I was ever going to sell a product to others, I would sell KD canopy products, because the KD Canopy products I stand behind. I never pass up a chance to  demonstrate about quality of KD Canopy, because I take pride in the fact that we carry KD Canopy scissor action tents exclusively in our rental inventory. We have carried other brands in the past, however, once we bought our first KD Canopy, we never went back to the inferior products that other companies produce. My sincere opinion is if you want the best, you acquire a KD Canopy.”

Joshua Kuhnel

McCall Party Rentals

It’s clients like this that makes our job worth doing! If you are looking for a quality product that will last for years to come, look no further than KD Kanopy!