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Another week in the books. Happy Friday to you! On today’s blog we are sharing some feedback from a dear client, Taniguchi Ramen. This article does come with a bit of a warning, you’re about to be hungry for some Ramen. We are excited and honored to have these guys as part of our KD family and look forward to watching them grow as a business.

Having done a ton of outdoor events in the automotive aftermarket industry for the last three decades, it feels as though I have used every type of canopy out there. So I can say that there are three major differentiators with KD Kanopy that stand out. 1. the overall sturdy construction, 2. the pull pin (typically a problem with the others), 3. being able to pull the canopy from the structure itself so that it doesn’t get all bunched/wrinkled up. – Greg T., Restaurateur

Greg Taniguchi, owner of Taniguchi Ramen, has created this ramen pop-up in the Denver metro area that “embraces local ingredients and tastes, but also adheres to the traditions, styles, and the experience of being in a ramen-ya in Japan”. After brushing off the idea to start a restaurant for years, Greg has put his passion at the forefront of his career and now we all have him to thank.

Ramen has found its way from Japan to coastal cities in the States but before Taniguchi Ramen, Colorado was left with out the hearty Japanese staple. Just like pizza, ramen comes in all types of varieties, based on the region. Now, the ramen crafted by Taniguchi favors locally sourced ingredients from Colorado producers wherever possible, except for the broth which uses key Japanese ingredients to give it an authentic & distinctive Japanese taste.

His pop-up is on hold for now but we know he will make a strong come back soon and we can’t wait!