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How Beverage Distributors Can Benefit from Promotional Products


Distributing freebies or promotional items is a great way to win trust and to build brand loyalty. The method can be effectively used by beverage distributors as well – here are some tips how:

  • Choose a product to represent your company – picking the right product to include into a promotion is essential for creating the mental link between your brand and your company, therefore you need a good product in an attractive packaging;
  • Add a rewards campaign, too – you can make you promotional campaign even more efficient by adding promotional codes on your packaging to invite potential customers to sample your other products as well;

promotional tent

  • Use products associated with your brands – you don’t have to limit the promotional products that you hand out to your own products. You can also choose to offer associated items, such as branded glasses, beer or wine openers, even branded key holders or other small items with your logo printed on them. A branded eye catching promotional tent is a great way to attract people to your product display and encourage sales;
  • Choose the right time and event – you can schedule your promotional campaign to start a few weeks before the winter holidays or you can include distribution during an important sporting event or before a concert, it all depends on the type of beverage that you want to promote and your target audience.