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How to Effectively Customize Your Tent, Banner, or Canopy


Unsure what to include on your custom event marketing banner? Here’s our recommendation.

Congratulations! You have decided to up your marketing game with customized graphic applications! But once you have determined your need for a customized tent, banner, or canopy, the question remains: what should be included to turn heads and stand out in a crowd?

Below you will find our insight on how to effectively customize your graphic applications. A word of advice before we dive into the details? Be clear, be concise, and don’t be afraid to let the boldness of your organization or brand shine through.

The Information

Your tent, banner, or canopy is a reflection of you and your organization! Be intentional and take time to consider what to include in your custom pieces. Here are the three pieces of info we encourage every organization to include:

Company or Organization Name

This one is obvious – but ensure the company or organization name is front and center so there is no question as to who you are!

Tagline or Brief Description of your Product or Service

Do you have a catchy tagline or one-sentence elevator pitch? Include it on your banner! This is especially helpful if who you are or the services you offer are not evident within the company name.

A Way to Contact You

You are getting your brand in front of a whole host of people – make sure those who are interested have a way to find you in the future. (A website or email address usually does the trick!)

The Layout

Once you have nailed down the text to be displayed on your banner, you want to ensure it is eye-catching and legible for anyone who walks by. That’s where the layout comes in:

Large Text

This is a given, but it’s worth writing down: make the text large enough to read from a distance! The purpose of marketing graphics is to be eye-catching and engaging, (but that can’t happen if the text is not large enough to read.


If you have a logo that is reflective of your organization, consider adding it to your banner! This is a good way to give individuals an idea of your products and services and can be an easy way to add some color to your marketing material.

Easy to Read

We know there are some fun fonts out there, but your marketing board is not the time to use them. Make sure the text is easy to read with a passing glance.

The Color

We saved our favorite for last: color can provide a bold pop to any marketing material, and turn heads when used in the right way:

Evoke Emotion

If you want to go big and bright, consider finding out what emotion colors can evoke. For example, red can represent leadership, purple can create feelings of calm, and green can make viewers feel refreshed.

Colors that Compliment

When determining what colors to use, make sure they align with your services, your brand, and your logo! (You may love the color orange, but if you include your pink logo, you will be experiencing a serious color clash.)

Easy to Read

So important – we included it on your list twice! If the choice is between incorporating a fun color or making your signage easy to read, always go with the latter. Your number one priority is to get your message to the world – and that means choosing designs that are easy to read above all else.

Making your Custom Marketing Material Work for You

Customizing your tent, banner or canopy is a fun (and effective!) way to get your organization’s message out of the office and into the world. So get creative, have fun, and create materials that reflect you and your brand!