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Ideas to Increase Foot Traffic to Your Business


If you have a shop or a store and you would like to increase the number of visitors that enter your business, here are some great tips for you:

  • Put yourself into a pedestrianized position – spend a little time outside your store and try to figure out what would convince you to enter? Would it be an A-frame sign on the sidewalk? A banner? A more attractive, more colorful logo? Think about your target audience and figure out how your existing design could be improved to attract more attention;

custom 10x10 canopy

  • Host an event and let everyone know about it – figure out what type of events would resonate with your audience. You can host a workshop or a seminar, invite a locally famous author to dedicate their new book or invite a public figure to speak about an important subject. Set the stage for your event with an artistically designed custom 10×10 canopy.  Make sure that people find out about the event – you can  event advertise it on flyers, put out a banner or advertise online, using social media;
  • Leverage free online tools – Google My Business and other similar tools are extremely valuable for informing the members of your target audience about your presence as well as for getting reliable feedback from your customers.