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KD Kanopy: Tough as Fort Knox


Want to know how to get a smile out of the KD Kanopy crew? Send us an email about how well your custom canopy is doing. John Kreger, an artist with 311 Horseshoe Studio, sent us this one about his Majestic, now dubbed “Fort Knox.”

I was attending an outdoor Dog Show in Rio Rancho, NM last Friday through Sunday.  Saturday’s weather was forecast as being somewhat horrific… wind at a steady 25mph with gusts in excess of 45mph, not to mention the accompanying rain.  I went to the show site early and determined that artwork and those conditions were not compatible and returned home to work on a drawing. 

Sunday brought wonderful weather to the area and when I returned found there were many tents missing from the site.  There was a sea of twisted and broken frames and tops… but mine stood proudly alone, unscathed.  I stopped by the food vendor for a cup of coffee and found that my tent had been named “Fort Knox”.  Apparently a strong, steady gust of wind, well over 70mph, came through the site and destroyed over a dozen Ez-Ups and most of the remaining tops were either removed and or damaged beyond repair.  The commercial show tents that were rented and installed by a tent rental company were blown down as well.  I came to learn that “Fort Knox” did not move, shift or shake….most everyone was awed by this magical tent!  When asked why my setup had been able to withstand the weather I explained that KD-Kanopy manufactured their frames out of aircraft aluminum and were much stronger that the cheap steal used in the EZ-Ups… I find myself constantly bragging not only on the quality of your product but the wonderful follow up and fantastic customer service y’all provide.

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