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Marketing for Memorial Day


Time is flying! How can it be that we are in the last half of May. Your plans for Memorial Day may look different this year but no matter what, it’s the unofficial but somewhat official start to summer & who doesn’t love summer? Of course, the roots of Memorial Day run deeper than just BBQs, Memorial Day Sales & a [potentially] day off of work. We honor this day to remember those we have lost serving our country & fighting for our freedom. In years past, millions of dollars have been spent on Memorial Day. That will be different this year, sadly. Usually, people are out and about for Memorial Day. Maybe your small business has been allowed to be back up and running and if that’s the case, here’s a few marketing ideas your business might enjoy.


Discounts are part of all good holidays. Right? This one needs to be special. Show some extra respect during the long weekend to those who are in our military or who have been in the past. They deserve some additional attention & this is the day to do it. Offering a discount won’t take too much time or effort on our end, it’s a win-win.


Not all businesses will be open on actual Memorial Day, especially this year. It could still be fun to still partake in thanking our military by adding some red, white & blue to your store front. If you can, incorporate your clients with this by creating a contest on social media. The more décor, the better so fill up on flags, balloons, streamers and have your employees dawn the same theme!


Usually, many communities across the country have events going on during Memorial Day weekend. We wish there were parades and BBQs and races to enjoy this year. Most likely, your town won’t have much going on but it is worth it to see if there is any kind of event(s) set up, even if from a distance. Making sure that your business is present, especially during these times, will really pay off. Time to show off your business!