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How can it be? We are in the last half of May already & everyone’s schedules are filling up with things to do for Memorial Day. It’s the unofficial but somewhat official start to summer & who doesn’t love summer? Of course, the roots of Memorial Day run deeper than just BBQs, Memorial Day Sales & a [potentially] day off of work. We honor this day to remember those we have lost serving our country & fighting for our freedom. Last year, an estimated 12 billion dollars will be spent on Memorial Day! This tells us one thing: people will be out & about. No matter your plans for May 28th, we have a few marketing ideas your business might enjoy.

If you’re a numbers person, you’ll probably enjoy seeing Memorial Day this way. Check out this site for more details!


Looking for marketing ideas? Here are a few.


Not all businesses will be open on actual Memorial Day but that doesn’t mean you should skip out on the red, white & blue. Bring attention to your business the week before & definitely the weekend before. Incorporate your clients with this by creating a contest on social media. The more décor, the better so fill up on flags, balloons, streamers and have your employees dawn the same theme!


No good holiday is left without a discount but make this one extra special. Show some extra respect during the long weekend to those who are in our military or who have been in the past. They deserve a little extra attention & this is the day to do it. Offering a discount won’t take too much time or effort on our end, it’s a win-win.


Lots of communities across the country have multiple events going on during Memorial Day weekend. From parades to BBQs, to races, the list really goes on & on. Find out what will be happening in your town & be there. These events draw big crowds. School & work are usually out for the day which means more people are looking for a good time. Time to show off your business!

Memorial Weekend is a great way to spend time outside, weather depending of course. Set that KD Kanopy out & put your business in front of people. We can’t wait to see your pop-ups in action.