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Marketing Ideas for Valentine's Day


January is out, February is in. It’s time to put up marketing displays to get everyone’s heart pumping & replace those winter displays. 2 weeks from today is Valentine’s Day, a multi-billion dollar holiday that over 60% of adults participate in.  Increase your sales on February 14th with one of these fun ideas.

 Send a lovely promotion via text

Just about everybody has a cell phone these days & it’s highly likely that their cell phone is within reach at any given time during the day. Skip the email promotion this year & send a promotional text to your customers. You can offer a specific discount (maybe 20% off one of your products) or consider offering a 2-for-1 deal (offer 2 meals for the price of 1). Of course, be sure to mention Valentine’s Days in the text & use “romantic words” like “love”, “sweet”, “heart”, or “special someone”.

 Spread the love through social media

This time of year is the best to share love stories & this is a great way to engage customers on your social media accounts. Everybody loves a good love story but you can go one more step by creating a contest for the best one. Have your social media audience vote on their favorite & award the winner with an extra special prize that showcases your business. Our favorite campaign, “Love in the Air” was run by United Airlines. They gave away 2 roundtrip tickets to anywhere in the U.S. for customers who shared the best story of falling in love while traveling. Check out a few other ways companies have used love in their campaigns.

 Include the singles, too!

 Valentine’s Day isn’t for everybody  & those who are single are probably pretty tired of the love that’s all around them. Have some fun by incorporating them into your marketing strategies. Instead of sharing a love story on social media, perhaps you could have singles share their worst break up story. Or if you have a restaurant or food business, you can run a discount for carry-out or delivery so that singles can enjoy a little attention but can eat at home to avoid the romantic setting of a restaurant on Valentine’s Day.

Are you planning on running any special promotions or discount on Valentine’s Day this year? We want to hear your ideas! Share them with us & other reads in the comment section below.