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Next Stop: San Diego


KD Kanopy is going on a whirlwind trade show tour this year to spread the good word about our canopies and banners. In March and April, we were living it up in Las Vegas for a whole slew of expos. Our next stop? California. The KD Kanopy team has their bags packed, tickets ready, and suntan lotion within arm’s distance for our upcoming trip to sunny San Diego and the GSA Expo on May 11-12.

We won’t leave you in suspense any longer. GSA is short for the U.S. General Services Administration. You probably already know what the “General Service Administration” does, because that’s a very specific name, right? But in case you’re not sure, the General Service Administration supplies federal purchasers, like the military, with products and services from commercial vendors, like KD Kanopy.  They also provide workplaces for federal employees and promote best management practices for government operations.

So why is KD Kanopy going to an event which provides products to the military? Because when we’re not making milk-carton shaped canopies to stand out at a farmer’s market or a simple tent for your next family gathering, we’re also providing our canopies for military efforts. From MWR, Recruiting, to first aid to command centers, our wide range of canopies has been used by the military for many uses.

It won’t be all fun and games in San Diego. We might hit up Sea World or Legoland, but we’ll also be networking with federal, state, and local government employees as well as military professionals during the GSA Expo.

We’d love to see a friendly face at our next expo location, so check out our website to see where we’ll be next.