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Our Hot Summer Marketing Tips


Summer is in full swing and with The Fourth of July right around the corner, now is the perfect time to share our hottest summer marketing tips. People are off enjoying vacations which might leave your business feeling pinched for revenue. With traffic down, it’s time to turn up the heat with your marketing. Here are our 3 favorite and hottest ways to go about it.

 Have fun with Crazy & Wacky Days

Of course, Fourth of July is a summer staple. Who doesn’t love to play outside all day with their family and then watch a spectacular firework show to kick off the night? It can be a tough time for marketing though. You just need to get creative, make sure you have mobile sites and partner up. Of course, it never hurts to go extra patriotic. Check out these fun patriotic 4th of July marketing ideas (https://thrivehive.com/4th-of-july-marketing-campaigns-and-promotions). You can celebrate all kinds of wacky days this summer. Create some fun (and funny) themed contents to celebrate in store and online. There’s National Chocolate Ice Cream Day, Fresh Veggies Day, World Jugglers Days, Cheer up the Lonely Day, Hammock Day, the list goes on and on. Actually, there’s a fun and wacky thing to celebrate every day this summer. Check out this list or make up your own day!

Let the Temperature Take Control of Things

Summer gets hot, people want to cool down. Help them out. Fans, water bottles, drink cozies and other promo items are perfect for summer marketing. Don’t be afraid to be generous. Go to those busy ‘hot spots’ in your area…beaches, pools, high traffic areas, the skate park, trails, summer attractions. Set up a spot where people will notice you. This is where a KD Kanopy Teardrop Banner or Spinning Dart would be perfect, or a pop-up canopy of course…check out our different options here. This way, you are maximizing your exposure without spending too much. You could even launch a discount based on how high the temps climb.

 Get Involved in Local Events

You may have already noticed, but summer time is a great time for big outdoor events and festivals. No matter where you live, we bet your community agrees. We cannot think of a better time to capture your business interacting with happy, smiling customers than in the summer. So, get out to those fairs, concerts, and other happenings and captivate people. Get as involved as you can. Maybe this means you are handing out pamphlets or business cards or maybe you want to put your pop-up canopy in a place where you can interact with potential customers. Personalize your business, tell your story and of course, get some networking in. This is all going to depend on the nature of the event and your budget…as we’ve said before…get creative. And if you want to explore more benefits of local event marketing check this out.