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Q&A With Peter Kopp from Kids Mobility Network

The KD Cares for Kids Annual Charity Golf Tournament

The KD Cares for Kids Annual Charity Golf Tournament took place on July 28th and it couldn’t have gone better! We asked Peter Kopp, from Kids Mobility Network, what he thought the best elements of the tournament were.

Q: What was the biggest success of the tournament?

I think the biggest success of the tournament was about the results.  The KD Kanopy Team and the Kids Mobility Network team came together to create a very positive impact to the community.  Some of the positive results include:

  •  Community Benefit Money raised to serve children in our community.  We expect these figures to exceed $10,000.  With these funds, Kids Mobility Network will create community benefit that will surpass 5 times the amount raised!  $10,000 in cash becomes $50,000 of community benefit!  That’s huge!
  •  Relationships – Kids Mobility Network created a lasting bond with KD Kanopy.  Kids Mobility Network creates a vehicle for KD Kanopy Cares to maximize their community benefit.  KD Kanopy Cares provides critical funding to Kids Mobility Network to continue its good work.  Though the process of planning, organizing and implementing the tournament, the combined team created a friendship in giving that will last for years.  The team combined their talents, skills and desire for community service to create value for our community.  We also witnessed relationships and bonds between participants to join KD Kanopy Cares to serve the community in a fun environment.
  • Exposure – KD Kanopy Cares provided Kids Mobility Network with an opportunity to reach a new audience to share the organization’s mission to serve children with disabilities.  Kids Mobility Network provided KD Kanopy with exposure to new potential customers.  This exposure provides value for both organizations.

Q: Why are tournaments like this important to give back to the community?

I believe that when people create success for themselves, it’s important to give back to the community.  This tournament provides a fun and relaxed environment for people to support a sector of the community that is largely invisible to many.  The tournament creates a venue for members of our community that have some resources to become aware of a problem in our community that has a solution, but requires additional resources.  This tournament creates a simple way for them to “help the helper” to make a profound impact in the lives of many families that without Kids Mobility Network watch their children with disabilities go without service.

Q: What are you most proud of with the tournament?

I am most proud of the collaboration that this tournament illustrates.  We combine people that have created success in life with their business skills, people that are early in their careers developing their business skills, and a desire to help children in need, and turn that into a fun event that brings people together to share in a common goal.  Funds raised during this event are an important catalyst to allowing Kids Mobility Network to better serve the community and expand the amount of community benefit provided.

We can’t wait to get started on next year’s tournament.  I think we can make it better every year!

We also want to say THANK YOU to our sponsors Avalanche Harley Davidson, Plains End and Pasco! Thanks to you all, this is sure to be a successful event for years to come.