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It’s inevitable, people will have questions about your product or service. If you have a “frequently asked questions” section on your website, life just got easier for your clients.  When an FAQ section is done right on a website, it serves a very important function & ends up taking a good amount of burden away from your customer support system. Long story short, an FAQ section is a must-have on your business’s website & here are a few reasons why.

YOU ARE THE EXPERT          Shout it from the rooftop! Or in this case, your FAQ section. There couldn’t be a more perfect place for you to show off your expertise. Prove to your readers that your product or your service is legitimate & that you are an established & professional business. Take that person who stumbled upon your website during their lunch break & convert them into a customer.

PUT THE SPOTLIGHT ON IMPORTANT INFORMATION       When someone comes to your website, it was most likely a question that got them there. This will probably lead them to your FAQ page where you need to make sure to highlight those extra important key selling points, how to get going with purchasing your product & how to contact you if need be.

MAKE IT EASIER.               People like when things are easy, especially in today’s hectic world. An FAQ section makes it easier for people to navigate your website. Most likely, your site has multiple pages, tabs, pictures, testimonials, etc. People are often crunched for time. When there’s a section for them to click on with the answers to their questions, you may have just gotten a new client. 

IMPROVE YOUR SEO            Who doesn’t want to increase their rankings within search engine results? When you build your FAQ section it will be full of good content with keywords and information. This is all going to lead to the ranking your website will get.

An FAQ section is a win-win for both your business & your customers. It may take you a few extra minutes to create but it’s worth every second. Here’s a peek at a couple questions from the FAQ section on our website. Check out the rest here!