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Questions to Ask Before Exhibiting at a Trade Show


Before attending a trade show, a company must find answers to a series of fundamental questions:

  • Does the theme of the trade show matches with the range of products or services offered by my company?
  • Is the trade show representative for the market I want to conquer?
  • How significant will it be in the near future?
  • Will the trade show facilitate my access to existing target groups or to new target groups?
  • Is the trade show a regional, national or international event?
  • What is the frequency of organizing this event? When is scheduled the next one?
  • What other companies will be present with stands at this event?
  • What are the costs of building, arranging and maintaining a stand?
  • Are there any additional meetings or conferences included in the event program?
  • How many visitors are targeted by the promotion campaign of the trade show?
  • What are the “numbers” resulting from the last event (number of local or foreign visitors, types of visitors from the professional or public sector, number of local or foreign exhibitors, the area rented to exhibitors)?
  • What were the overall reviews of the last event of this type?

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Companies wishing to participate can also use as a source of documentation, lists of national and international events, which provide information on trade shows and fairs organized around the world (name and theme, frequency, date and duration , the organizer`s contact information, main group of products on display, statistics on the number of visitors and exhibitors etc.). Talk to KD Kanopy media and promotional product experts  – https://kdkanopy.com/ – for information on how to best market your business.