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Red, White & Blue: Our Clients Who Did it Best.


Happy summer! Officially. Today marks the beginning to what is sure to be a successful summer for your small business.  Plus, today we get more daylight than any other day in the year, who could complain about that! There’s no complainin when the sun is shinin, drinks are being poured, the grills are hot & we are surrounded by friends, co-workers, clients & family. With 4th of July on the horizon, we thought it would be fun to look back at some of our beverage loving clients who really got into the spirit for the 4th of July.

Back in 2016, Budweiser renamed their beer America. While it only lasted a few months, we can’t think of something more patriotic!

Our friends at Gatorade are quenching your thirst with their red, white & blue inspired sports drink (also known as fruit punch, glacier cherry & cool blue). 


These limited edition patriotic cans of Coca-Cola were released in 2016 as a nod to the nation’s Armed Forces members as well as the USO’s 75th anniversary.

And we can’t feature our beverage loving clients without a quick shout out to our friends and local favorites, Oskar Blues Brewery. Their Dales Pale Ale, permanently dressed in red, white & blue, was America’s first craft-canned mountain pale ale & has been winning over beer fans for over 15 years.