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Stand Out: Pop-Up Tents for Your Event


shade canopiesIf you’re an event planner, one of your primary goals (aside from pleasing your client, of course), is making this event stand out. If you help organize the most elegant wedding your city has ever seen, or the best Bar Mitzvah of the year, you’re likely to attract more business. But what does it take to make all these events occur without a hitch? The right pop-up tent.  With over two decades of experience in the industry, we have a few ideas on what the right canopy can do for your next big event.

  • Protect you from the elements. Planning an outdoor wedding in April comes with some risk. What if it rains? Or what if it’s 95 degrees and blindingly sunny? Either scenario is possible when you’re outside. To make sure this event doesn’t end up on an episode of “Bridezilla,” plan ahead and get an elegant canopy to prepare for whatever the weather has to throw at you.
  • Set up a photo booth. Photo booths have become incredibly popular at wedding receptions, so why not add one to the next 16th birthday party or awards banquet you host? With the help of a 10 x 10 pop-up tent like the PartyShade, you can set up an easy place for attendees to gather and get their picture taken without the sun right in their eyes. Because who wants a picture of people squinting?
  • Gather gifts. No event is complete without a little gift giving. Don’t leave attendees of your next event searching for where they should leave their card or new toaster for the bride and groom. With a simple pop-up tent, you can let them know exactly where to go and also do a bit of self-promotion. With custom printing, you can have your name and logo tastefully printed on the top for guests to remember.

Whether this is your first time playing host or you’re a seasoned event planner, the right canopy can make a perfect addition to your company. To view our entire lineup of pop-up tents and canopies, visit us online.