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Summer Event Ideas to Promote Your Business


Summer is a great time for promotional campaigns, a period when businesses can make use of the good weather for participating at events as well as for hosting events of their own.

teardrop flags

Here are some ideas about to extend your reach with summer events:

  • Attend the themed events in your area – check out the fairs and festivals in your area and figure out whether the event profile matches your business profile, then decide how you want to be involved – as a participant, a sponsor or through a donation; Use vertical teardrop flags to draw people to your space.
  • Host your own events – you can pick a theme or a topic and organize a presentation or even a small conference around them. Publicize your event in the local newspapers, on TV and radio;
  • Use the internet – you can host online events, such as photo contests, through the social media pages that you create for your business. That way, you can reach out directly to your target group and step up the efficiency of your online marketing efforts, too;
  • Offer entertainment to your loyal customers – invite your most loyal customers to a VIP event where you can hand out freebies and serve snacks and refreshments. It is a great opportunity to socialize and to have fun.