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Supercharge Your Marketing Strategy with the Power of Brand Applications


Q: What’s even better than seeing your name in lights?

A: Seeing your company’s name on beautiful graphic applications!

There is something to be said about seeing the business you created represented on banners, wall graphics, and other promotional material. Not only can these applications be a powerful testament to the work required to build your brand, it is one of the most powerful ways to communicate to new and returning customers alike.

If you are unfamiliar with the power of graphic applications, or simply never considered using this style of marketing tool, this one’s for you. With the right level of intentional design and high-quality products, professional graphic applications can supercharge your business in ways you never thought possible.

Brand Applications for Functional Design

One of the easiest ways to bring brand recognition to your physical storefront is through eye-catching brand applications. Not only does the smart use of these applications catch the attention of those driving or walking by your location, but it also creates an atmosphere for those who enter your place of business.

Consider what type of vibe you want to portray for those who come into your space, and how graphic applications can help you achieve this goal. For example, a sports equipment business may use high-energy colors, bold fonts. However, a spa may require a more simplistic design, a less cluttered appearance, and an overall feeling of tranquility.

Decor for Brand Recognition

We recommend the following for getting your brand noticed, both inside the shop (and out!):

On-The-Go Marketing

Not everyone has a storefront where they sell their products or services. If you spend at least some of your time marketing on the go (we are looking at you Farmer’s Market participants or festival vendors!) then brand applications are increasingly important as you need recognition and engagement in new and ever-changing environments.

Consider graphic applications that will engage your customers from afar, or intrigue them to take a closer look at your offerings. We want passersby to think, “That sign or banner looks intriguing! I need to get closer to find out more!”

Transportable Applications

For products and services on the go, we recommend the following brand applications that are easy to set up, take down, and are prepared for whatever marketing and sales adventure you embark on next:

Special Event Giveaways

No matter your age, there is something fun and exciting about receiving a freebie. Not only is this an inexpensive way to engage future and current customers, but it also provides a bit of free marketing for you! (We have all seen the stickers slapped on water bottles and laptops by individuals boasting about one of their favorite brands!)

Consider branding applications that you can give away not only as a way to connect with your customers but as a part of your marketing strategy. Kids and grown-ups alike will feel more connected to your brand, and you may just find out you are reaching a new client base in the process.

The Power of Fun “Free” Swag

We recommend the following graphic applications for fun customer engagement:

KD Kanopy, Branding Applications, and YOU

Integrating some brand applications could be just the tool you are looking for a fun and colorful marketing strategy to help you get noticed. If you have additional questions about customizable branding materials, or how KD Kanopy works with you to ensure your design, style, and personal flair are incorporated into every product you order, reach out! We can’t wait to help take your brand to the next level.