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Summer is in full swing & you know what that means, outdoor art shows. We, at KD, love a good outdoor festival & we wanted to take a moment to showcase one of our art loving, long time canopy clients, Bob Richey Jr. Nobody does pastels quite like Bob, trust us.

“I have been using my KD Majestic Kanopy for 22 years now & it has served me well in almost 500 shows through all kinds of weather conditions. Customer service has always been quick to help me if I need to order a replacement part.”

-Bob Richey Jr

Bob Richey has turned his childhood passion for creating works of art into his own business, living the American dream. After a long career in engineering, Bob became a full-time professional artist in 1996 & has been creating art ever since. Each piece of art, paintings done mostly in soft pastels, tells a story with a ‘simple theme & a subtle mood’. Bob has been awarded several different awards at both a regional and a national level.

Bob’s pastel collections offer something for everyone including Interiors, Rural Landscapes & Gardens, Urban Landscapes, Seashore Landscapes, Pastel Miniatures, Small Square Pastels, Small Panorama Pastels, Charcoal Concept Sketches & his Earliest Artwork.

Looking to catch Bob at his next show? He will be at State College, PA & the campus of PSU in Pennsylvania from July 12th-July 15th. Stop by his booth & experience his art for yourself.

We appreciate our long-time clients & Bob stands out amongst them. His Majestic canopy helps his art be displayed in a way that not only grabs the attention of passerby’s but the canopy keeps all these paintings safe from the weather. We know his art & his canopy are ready for another 22 years of display.