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Testimonial Thursday: NICKEL BROOK BREWING CO.


Testimonial Thursday is back! Time to pour a little happiness on your day by sharing some happy words from one of our clients. We at KD Kanopy are grateful every day for the clients we have and those we will have in the days ahead. Thank you for choosing us to put your brand in front of others. Cheers!

“We just had all the new tents and back drops out over the weekend and they really stand out. Not to mention they have all our updated branding on it. Here is a picture do demonstrate how happy we are!”

Nickel Brook Brewing Co. is located in Burlington, Ontario where craft beer is as popular as it is here in the states. With a handful of breweries in this Canadian province, it’s important to stand out from the crowd & Nickel Brook has done just that with their creativity, making them a leader in their industry.

Their motto, “Beer, Down to a Science” has established a foundation for their beer making. Their brewers take the best ingredients as well as their innovative & technical expertise to create top-notch beers that have won them plenty of awards. Their creative ways of brewing have helped them grow into a community favorite in Ontario.

Are you a fan of sour beers? Then Nickel Brook just gained another fan. Back in 2016, they created a lab that was dedicated to both small-batch & sour beers. Again, this marked them as a leader as it became the largest of it’s kind in Canada.

Looking for more? Nickel Brook delivers with a gigantic barreling program. They have over 400 wine & whiskey barrels that age beer adding to the complexity of their brewery & gaining them huge popularity in Canada.

If you like beer & find yourself in Ontario this summer, this brewery is a must visit. Their long line up of beers is sure to help you quench your thirst. They have a fabulous variety of year-round & seasonal beers.

If you don’t get the chance to enjoy a draught beer straight off the tap, you are sure to enjoy a can of their good stuff. The outside of the can is just as exciting as the stuff on the inside with branding that is vibrant & eye-catching, just like their new KD Kanopy! We are incredibly happy to add these guys to our list of clients & look forward to the rest of the chapters in their already exciting story.