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Tips for Outdoor Wedding Planning


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Wedding planning is a serious undertaking, no matter if the venue is indoors or outdoors, but the precaution measures needed to cater for unexpected weather events might add even more stress to the process. Fortunately, there are lots of ways to handle the challenge – here are some:

  • Develop a plan for all types of weather – outdoor weddings are usually planned for periods that are stable, warm and dry. However, the weather can be capricious in any period, turning from perfectly beautiful to windy and stormy in an instant. Try to plan for everything and look for heated and ventilated wedding tents for sale even if your wedding is scheduled for June;
  • Ensure access to electricity – if you are concerned about a power cut, rent a power generator and prepare everything to allow for quickly turning on the back-up appliance, just in case;
  • Have sturdy decoration – try to figure out how you could use decorations that can stand up to wind and rain. Hopefully, even if you get some rain or wind, it will be temporary, so you need decorations that can resist a passing drizzle or a stronger breeze;
  • Figure out how to repel mosquitos – you can hire an exterminator company to spray the site with insect repellent a couple of days before the ceremony.