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Waterproof versus Water Resistant: What You Need to Know About Your Pop-Up Tent


If April showers bring May flowers, then now is the time to plan ahead when it comes to your pop-up tent and the weather. With spring just around the corner and rain likely in your forecast over the coming months, it’s time to think about your canopy’s top. What’s the difference between being waterproof and water-resistant?

pop-up tentsWhen you think of water resistance, you might think of a top that can stand up against monsoon rains. But get that idea out of your head. At KD Kanopy, our fabrics are coated with a water-resistant finish. That means water will bead up on your tent top in a light rain without leaking through, but anything more could become a burden. Imagine a downpour of rain beading up on your pop-up tent top and pretty soon you have 20 lbs. of rainwater puddling on top of it. That’s bad news for your tent frame.

A waterproof tent would completely prevent water from penetrating a tent in any form, and that’s the type of protection you would expect from your camping tent – not your event or party canopy. If you’re looking to use your pop-up tent at outdoor events where rain is in the forecast, know that your art or product will stay safe in the rain. But in the event of a torrential spring downpour, it’s best to pack it up for the day.

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