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Why You Should Always Have Your Logo Showing During Company Events?


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A logo is an essential element in a company’s image and should accompany it during all events. A well-made logo has the purpose of synthesizing the brand, in a simple and easy-to-memorize image.

Many young entrepreneurs, at the beginning of the road, consider that choosing a logo for their business is a less important thing to do, and tend to postpone the decision of getting a logo for their business until they find the necessary inspiration; some of them even decide to go without one! Others feel that a logo is a detail worth considering only by large companies.

All these are misconceptions! In fact, every business, regardless of its size, must have a logo that defines it. Let KD Kanopy brand marketing experts help you design yours!

Why should you always have your logo showing during company events?

It helps people to identify your brand. In order for prospective clients to remember about you more easily, you need as many elements as possible to help them remember. The logo is definitely one of them.

 It helps to identify the industry you belong to. If the brand name you choose is not suggestive enough, the logo can help you make people realize what you are actually doing and how you can help them.