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3 Pop Up Canopy Loving Sports


Last week, we were all about the Olympics and this week we have been sharing pictures from clients who’s fall sports start this next week. Sports are all around us and it’s a great reminder that our pop up canopies make for the perfect gathering place for your team and your fans. Here are 3 sports that especially utilize our pop up canopies.

Cross Country/Track: Cross country is getting ready to start at different schools across the country and if your team doesn’t already have a pop up canopy, you may want to rethink your decision. Cross country meets are always outside which means you are most likely going to run into some weather. Even if you don’t, chances are you want to be protected from the sunshine. With a KD Kanopy, you are sure to provide your team & and your fans with complete protection.


Swimiming: Swim season may not be until later but swim meets are a perfect time for a pop up kanopy. Represent your team by gathering under a high quality kanopy in the stands of the pool.  Feel free to ditch the solid color canopies and go with a more personalized look. Show off your team spirit by getting a personalized canopy with your team logo and colors. It’s a perfect gathering place. And if you’re recruiting for your team, you can use this to attract new swimmers. With your team name and logo on your personalized canopy, you are sure to stand out in a sea of solid colors.

 Football: Think tailgating here. We have the perfect option for you. Our canopies are simple and sturdy, making set up, party time, and take down a breeze. Make sure your friends can find you in the parking lot by creating a custom look. You may or may not like it, but you could become the focal point of the tailgate. Plus, the weather will be the last thing on your mind as you play games, eat food and drink drinks. Our pop up canopies are sure to provide you from the wind/rain/snow/sun.

Check out our Interactive Tent Designer to get an idea of the options and possibilities you have with KD Kanopy.