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Branding the KD Kanopy Way


You might know and love KD Kanopy for our pop up canopies with cool custom graphics and our always insightful and clever blog. But what you may not know is that we offer a bit more than that. If you’ve ever considered hiring a man to stand on the side of the road to hold a sign promoting your business, scrap that idea.

We offer professional signage with products like the Spinning Dart, Rolling Banner and the Pop Out Banner. Our banners will never mouth off to your customers or forget to shower before coming into work. Our banners will never be caught sleeping on the job because they stand up all on their own. The best part is we offer all the cool digital and screen printing options that you loved on your last custom canopy.

Whether you’re looking to make a hit at the next tradeshow and want a nice branded companion to your pop up canopy or you just need to catch some eyes in front of your business, we’ve got the right solution.

Since 1984, KD Kanopy has manufactured high-quality, custom pop up canopies and digital signage for a wide-range of corporate and casual clients. Our products are easily customizable with digital or screen printing. Looking to stand out in the crowd? Go KD Kanopy for your custom canopy needs.