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KD Kanopy: Classic Frame Tent


Are you getting married? Planning a massive outside event of any kind? You are going to need a tent that can withstand whatever weather comes your way. Look no further than our classic frame tent.

When you have an event that requires a larger covered area or one that will last an extended period of time with resistance to wind and snow, choose the KD Classic.

The durable Classic is the most frequently used in the tent industry for covering large areas, with size options from 30’x30′ all the way up to 40’x100′. This popular cover attaches to the frame with straps and buckles on the inside perimeter of the tent. Additionally, the valance on the Classic-style cover has scalloped edges.

These units can be set up for months or even years. High strength and durability are the key. Molded steel fittings, easy-snap buttons, marine-grade aluminum and stainless-steel buckles set the KD Classic apart from competitors. The weather proof black-out vinyl cover is UV treated, water resistant and fire retardant. We use stainless steel buckles to attach the cover to the frame, which reduces staining or marking from rust and further extends the life of your tent.


• Engineered and wind load tested up to 90 MPH

• Snow load rated

• Tubing is manufactured of 6005 T-6 anodized marine aluminum

• 30’ wide tents include double-tube corner rafters, 2” mid-rafter, and 2” sidebars

• 40’ wide tents include double-tube corner rafters, double-tube mid rafters, and 2” sidebars

• Galvanized steel Flo-coat fittings

• Failsafe steel snap button assembly

• Adjustable leg height 7’, 8’, 9’

• 3/8” steel cable(s) with plastic coated 4” hooks are included on frames 60’ and longer

• Anchoring included

• Cross-brace systems are available on all Classic frame sizes


• Standard white covers are manufactured of high-quality 18-oz black-out vinyl

• Covers are UV treated, flame retardant, and mildew resistant

• Seams are 100% electronically welded

• Expandable covers available in 10’ and 20’ inserts for 30’ and 40’ wide covers

• Stainless-steel buckles prevent unsightly rust stains on your cover

• Double-reinforced straps and buckles

• Vinyl grommets R.F. welded on expandable covers

• Cover storage bag included

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