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Monarch Pop-Up Tent: The New Kid in Town


After 27 years of manufacturing durable and long-lasting aluminum pop-up tents – like the popular Majestic and Advantage – KD Kanopy has brought an innovative new tent to the lineup. Meet the Monarch.

pop-up tentsWhat makes the Monarch so unique? Its carbon nylon fiber frame is the first of its kind in the pop-up tent industry. With this frame, the Monarch will be four times stronger than the typical aluminum frame. That means you can worry four times less the next time that gust of wind picks up. With the Dynidiom fittings to prevent any binding in your frame, the Monarch is the strongest and most durable canopy on the market. With all this stability, the Monarch frame only comes in at just 39 lbs.

For the top, choose from 13 different colors on water resistant, fire retardant and UV protected fabric. If you’re a fan of custom canopies, the Monarch is also available with digital printing. With the infinite color options that come with digital printing, you can print your logo or even print on every square inch of your canopy.

If you want to stand out in a crowd – and have the most innovative tent available – contact KD Kanopy today. Looking for something more – like custom signage or the rest of our pop-up tents? Check out our website!