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We are only days away from the month that is most famous for spring showers, April. Of course, we will all be happy with the May flowers that benefit from these spring rains but keep the forecast in mind if you are looking to use your kanopy outside in the next few months.

Kanopy tops will be most affected by these spring rains & we want to make sure you know the difference between water-resistant & water-proof tops. Our KD Kanopy tops are water-resistant thanks to a finish that is added to the fabric. This means they are ready for a light spring rain. The water resistant finish on the fabric allows the water to bead up & drizzle off the kanopy top, leaving your product & brand information dry underneath.  More than a light rain on your kanopy top could cause problems for the kanopy frame. Say a torrential down pour comes your way and within minutes the kanopy frame is exposed to a great deal of water weight. This is not good for your kanopy frame. The integrity of the frame will be compromised & you will no longer have the kanopy you once did.

A water-proof tent is a tent that can allow for those big heavy rains as they will stop any awater of any kind from leaking trough. A camping tent is the type of tent that should give you this type of water security, not an event tent. To keep your kanopy lasting longer, only plan to use it when a downpour is not in the forecast.

We are happy to help if you have any questions about our kanopy tops or other products. Don’t hesitate to contact us!